TripMaster GFX v2 Pro

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NOTE: this "Pro" version of the GFX v2 features an internal built-in GPS antenna and receiver.... mehr
Produktinformationen "TripMaster GFX v2 Pro"

NOTE: this "Pro" version of the GFX v2 features an internal built-in GPS antenna and receiver.

Although this device is compliant with the rules and regulations of many events, including FIM Cross-Country-Ralleis World Championship rounds, please check beforehand with your event organiser to ensure that you are allowed to use this GPS equipped device!


  • High contrast transflective graphics LCD
    • 2.7” diagonal
    • 400x240 pixels, 172ppi
    • LED backlight
    • 180° viewing angle in X+Y axis
  • Perfect readability under bright sunlight and dust
  • CNC machined and anodised aluminium casing
  • Internal GPS antenna + receiver
  • 2 click-feedback rubber buttons on the left side for easy pressing even when wearing gloves
  • Matte framed lens to limit glare
  • Internal Lithium-Polymer self-charging backup battery
  • 4 colour-coded cables with M8 connectors
  • Water- and dustproof design
  • Smaller footprint than the traditional TripMaster XL4
  • Plug and Play with old cables, accessories and mounting positions


  • Wheel sensor + internal GPS compatibility
  • Wheel Size adjustable in millimetres
  • Self-calibrating wheel size
  • GPS compensation factor adjustable between -10% and +10%
  • Numerous modes individually configurable
    • 2x trips from wheel and GPS viewable in 10m or 100m resolution
    • 2x speed displays from wheel and GPS
    • Statistics for maximum and average speeds
    • CAP heading from GPS
    • Atomic clock from GPS with UTC offset
    • Stage moving timers
    • Combined screens for Trip, Speed and CAP together
    • Repeater function to show waypoint information, including arrow, from a connected Garmin GPS device (cable sold separately)
  • Intuitive settings menu accessible from any mode
  • Transition pages with symbols and icons when switching between modes
  • Lifetime and resettable oil odometers
  • Invertible LCD image with dim backlight for pleasant reading in the dark
  • Software updateable via USB


  • Stainless-Steel Front wheel sensor (M8 screw type)
  • Neodymium Magnet
  • Power lead
  • Mounting parts: grommets, spacers and nuts


  • 84mm x 52mm x 22mm (WxHxD)
  • 250g


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